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Hi, I’m Rudy Marsh, the founder of Trance Metals. I have always been fascinated with titanium, ever since I was a child reading about the rareness of the metal used to make the SR-71 spy plane. 

In high school, I had a life-changing experience when my physics teacher passed around an earring made from titanium for us each to handle. It was my first time touching this mythical metal, and I was blown away by its strength and lightness. This experience sparked a love for science in me and led me to earn a physics degree. 

Years later, inspired by the birth of my son, I started Esington and Trance Metals to reconnect with my passion for pure metal. And now, I am proud to present the Kilogram Titanium Cube made of Damascus Titanium

My goal is to inspire others with interesting and unusual metal pieces, just like the titanium earring inspired me. I hope that this Kilogram cube of solid Damascus Titanium will spark a love for science and creativity in someone's life and change the course of their future, just as it did for me.


We have raised over $1.2 million on Kickstarter!

In 2015, we launched the KILO Tungsten cube and raised $487,241. Later that year we raised $502,998 for our polished Copper sphere.  We also made the most perfect solid Silicon sphere you can buy with a mirror finish. Trance metals have since sold thousands of solid metal cubes and spheres to people around the world and gained a reputation for crafting the highest quality solid metal products.

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