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The Original Tungsten Cube

“Touching it feels like a science project.” — Melissa Roberts, ListHunt

Mysterious yet infinitely precise, the laws of nature never change. They are as timeless as the universe itself. We hardly give them any thought.

Until you pick up the Original Tungsten Cube by Forge Solid.

Put it in the palm of your hand. Its heft will shock you. Its size will surprise you. And it will make you ponder that eternal question: Why does the world work the way it does?

How is this tiny cube so heavy? Because it’s 95% pure tungsten, a rare earth element that is 70% denser than lead, 4 times harder than titanium and 19 times heavier than water. It has the highest melting point of any metal. You'll find tungsten in armor-piercing bullets, in blades for jet engines and in the ballasts used by NASA’s Curiosity Rover as it plummeted to the Red Planet.

And you will find it — for the first time — compressed into aerospace-grade, conflict-free cubes that are as beautiful to behold as they are amazing to hold. Feel the weight of the worldin a remarkably small package.

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