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"What an awesome design! This truly makes the previous sphere portable. I particularly like the Copper for the health benefits. I'm looking forward to backing another of your successful projects!" -- Anna K.
"This is absolutely beautiful!" -- Cindy L.

Why Trance Jewel?

I feel like my life has noticeably improved with the sphere at my desk. It gets more attention than the cube, acts as concentration tool and is generally just super cool. There was something missing, however. Whenever I wasn't at my desk, I found myself without my trusty spherical companion. It is impractical to take with me, even to meetings because of its shape and size. I needed something more portable.


It’s Oligodynamic, which means it naturally kills germs on contact.
We each have about 2mg of copper in our body, without which we could not survive.
It’s dense - between lead and steel in density. Along with gold, it's the only non-greyish pure metal.
Copper takes on its own unique hue over time and can be “reset” to brilliancy with baking soda and water (or salt and vinegar).

Pure copper prevents growth and even kills bacteria, molds, spores, fungi, viruses and other organisms. The exact cause is unknown, but it's likely that the ions denature the protein of the cells by binding to reactive groups (precipitating and inactivating them). Copper has the strongest known oligodynamic effect of all pure metals.
One study showed that a copper vessel filled with E. Coli and Salmonella killed the bacteria in less than half the time vs. silver and brass. Many hospitals are now using pure copper on everything from hospital beds to doorknobs in order to fight "superbugs".


Titanium must be machined carefully with extra-sharp cutting tools and proper cooling in order to get the mirror finish we achieve. You will not often see highly polished titanium surfaces because of this.
Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal. It also has the most corrosion resistance, which makes it very neutral to touch. Often,Titanium parts are often used in replacement body part surgeries because of these properties.



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