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Mirror-polished Titanium Perfection

After crowdfunding over $1.47 million for our pure metal projects, we would like to introduce our latest project: Trance KILO Titanium Sphere.

A solid sphere made of 1000 grams of 99.5% pure elemental titanium. Mirror polished by hand!

Why do I need a Titanium Sphere?

  • You are a metal junkie and need a centerpiece for your collection - a full kilogram of solid titanium
  • You are an educator and you want to shock your students with the interesting densities of solid titanium.
  • You want to have the coolest thing in the office - the ultimate conversation starter.
  • You want the ultimate "structure" item to focus on for creative unleashing or meditation
  • You want that spark of inspiration. A solid sphere of pure Titanium, the strongest element in the universe by density is sure to amaze, enlighten and spark wonder in young and old alike. 
  • You want to make your home different with a unique, cool, eye-catching decoration. 

Milled from a single piece of aerospace-grade Titanium.

Engineered to last generations, a true heirloom piece. Museum stand included! Each Titanium Sphere comes with an acrylic museum base and an O-ring for display. 

Everybody has a favorite metal - one that just "clicks" with you.

What Makes Titanium Special?

  • The most biocompatible and safe metal for the human body
  • The only element that your body fully accepts - even bone will grow around it
  • Named after Titans of Greek mythology because of its immense strength 
  • The highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element
  • Shockingly rigid and lightweight, less than half the density of steel
  •  Excellent resistance to corrosion, nearly equivalent to platinum
  • Non-magnetic - won't attract metallic filings from other tools 

Mystery 41kg Russian titanium object found on beach in the Bahamas. Space experts believe it could have come from satellite or spacecraft!  Titanium can even survive re-entry from space!

Our Solid Titanium Sphere is 1000 grams of 99.5% pure elemental titanium. Each sphere is polished by hand for hours to reach a mirror finish.

It's a great desk companion, social magnet, and piece of art! 

Just contemplating it can give a brainstorming boost. 

Perfect addition to an executive desk.

KILO Titanium Cube + KILO Titanium Sphere

KILO Copper Sphere + KILO Titanium Sphere

How was it made?

We used a precision machining process to get a perfect sphere. A large cylinder of titanium was put onto a metal lathe and carefully worked using a CNC, then hand polished in an hour-long process. This results in the most perfect finish you can imagine.  Here is a video:


Titanium sphere before being polished.

Each sphere is polished and inspected by hand to reach a mirror finish.


  • Weight: 1000 grams (2.2 pounds)
  • Diameter: 2.96 inches (7.51 cm) 
  • Sample density: 4.51 g/cc

  • Comes with a base (as pictured)

We are including our Museum base FREE with any sphere pledge!

  • Solid Acrylic base
  • Brass nameplate
  • Elemental info
  • Perfect for display
  • Museum quality 

The Titanium KILO comes with its own crystal base (included). 

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